Example Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan based on Jan Egile Eide Jumping

Each Month we will release four lesson plans based on current International Championship judges.  Each plan will include; 

  • The original course plan,  
  • Suggested skills tested throughout the course, 
  • Various handling options,  
  • Three training drills based on the course.  The drills will focus on; 
    • Practicing the skills required, 
    • Route choice timings, 
    • Optimum handling choice timings, 
    • Proofing the dogs skills and understanding of the required skills.

Each plan will include several posts on the Facebook page for members to discuss the skills and handling, adding their own findings and thoughts on these two topics.  Members will be encouraged to support each other by suggesting training drills within the group that they have found beneficial to help develop and build the skills required for each course.

We will use polls to help all members see the trends on optimum routes and handling choices.  Therefore not just identifying which choices are quickest for their particular dog but helping to demonstrate with data how a particular weakness is affecting their times.

Course build ideas with limited equipment

Suggested Skills Required

Handling Options Discussion

Training Drill 1

Training Drill 2

Training Drill 3